The 5 Best Linked-In B2B Marketing Hacks To Attract More Clients With LinkedIn In 2019

By Eros

February 11, 2019

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When it comes to connecting with professionals, building your network, or attracting high-quality leads, there is no platform better than LinkedIn out there. In fact, with over 630 million profiles, it’s essentially a goldmine for client acquisition.
So whether you’re a B2B or a B2C company, LinkedIn can grant you access to your target audience if you know how to find them.
But before you rush to LinkedIn, take a look at my strategy to see how I managed to get the best of LinkedIn with these 5 hacks and fast-tracked my way to attract prospective clients.

1 – Create Leads With Linked In’s Targeting Systems

Remember all the fields you had to fill out when making your account? That’s one of Linked In’s way of managing data of all the profiles that exist on it.
Your job description, company name, position, industry, area – and that of millions of other LinkedIn users – enriches the platform’s database. In short, you can use LinkedIn to find out how many CEOs, for example, are using the medium or how many marketing directors are present on the platform.
This information can be reverse applied in search; each box you had filled out now serves as a search filter tool in your hands.
Now consider this: let’s say you provide repair services for laboratory equipment. How can you go about using LinkedIn to find your clients?
Simple, here’s what you have to do:

  • Locate Linked In’s ribbon feature at the top of the page and select ‘Companies’
  • Search for companies and organisations that might require your services (such as universities with science programs, hospitals, clinical laboratories etc.)
  • List: You can now create a list of all these businesses in LinkedIn as your prospective clients.
  • Reach: Next, you can use the LinkedIn search box to find relevant people in these organisations whom you can reach out to (using the all filters option) 

You can now connect and interact with these individuals to pitch your business.

2 – Become A Part Of The LinkedIn Local Movement

While this is not an event exclusively hosted by LinkedIn, it is strongly supported by the platform.LinkedInLocal started out with a single hashtag, with the idea that individuals who have connected through the platform while sitting behind their screens can meet in real life.
This campaign has now grown to accommodate more than a 100,000 members in over 80 countries.
So unlike, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform, the LinkedIn community has a means of meeting and interacting with potential customers.
Remember, face to face interaction with your potential clients (or existing ones) can really help you connect and build a long term relationship with them.

3 – Join Industry Related Groups

 This is another way you can connect with your potential leads and turn them into customers.
How? Well for one it gives you a front-row seat on all discussions about your industry. Gaps highlighted in the industry can serve as valuable information for you to evaluate and upgrade your business strategies.
But more than that, by being active in the circle, you make your brand visible to people who matter – your target audience, influencers in your industry etc.
Lending your opinion on matters, responding to client queries and engaging in industry-related discourse can help set your image as an expert.
This can lead to more views on your profile and ultimately, even your website.
And while all this is great, LinkedIn has yet more to offer; not only can you join groups, but you can even create new a group to bring prospective clients to you – and showcase your services.

4 – Attract Inbound Leads

It’s easy and downright obvious, but most businesses haven’t tried it.
Ask yourself: who are your inbound LinkedIn leads? Of course, the people viewing your profile.While other popular social media outlets – even your website – can tell you how many people have viewed your post or visited your page, they don’t tell you ‘who’ showed an interest in your business.
Don’t forget: even if the interest was fleeting, it’s a potential lead that can be converted into a sale.LinkedIn thankfully sends you a notification every time someone visits your profile – if you play it right, you can open a number of networking opportunities for your business.
Instead of ignoring the view you received, visit the profile of the visitor and consider questions like:

  • Why did they visit your page?
  • Could they be a potential customer? If not, could they be connected to someone who could make a prospective client?

Don’t hesitate to send a connection invite and once connected, you can converse with them, link them to related articles you have published on LinkedIn etc.

5 – LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

I think this goes without saying: use the marketing solutions that LinkedIn has to offer.Of course, it all starts with your business profile – which you can set up for free – so make sure you don’t miss any fields as this is where your prospective customers will land.
Fill out all the contact information, link to your website and keep going until LinkedIn tells you to stop – with its 100% complete prompt.
LinkedIn has so much more to offer when it comes to marketing – it can help you:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Generate leads
  • Drive website traffic

Here’s how:Advertise To Professionals With Sponsored ContentLinkedIn only hosts the professional community; therefore, any advertisements that you run will reach people who are relevant to your business.
With Linked In’s sponsored advertisement feature, you can run native advertisements in the news feed of your targeted audience.
Sponsored InMailCan’t connect with a certain individual that could be a potential lead? Don’t worry, with the InMail feature, you can send personalised messages to whomever you want.Before we sum this up, here are some bonus hacks:

  • Post regularly through your profile
  • Drive-up Linked-In SEO by publishing business-related articles and blogs
  • Respond to all queries promptly
  • Explore the LinkedIn hashtag feature

There you have it; everything you need to know to jumpstart your LinkedIn marketing campaign and start networking with potential clients.

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